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The Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is a whimsical name given to a process for improving the sound quality of audience recordings discovered after years of research. The process is less precise but much less labor-intensive than the iterative process used by my partner Lestat in the past. Lestat's process still produces finer results but the time and effort saved by the Magic Bullet is significant. Its efficiency has allowed us to remaster and share some old master tapes that otherwise would never have seen the light of day. It also has proven invaluable for mastering excellent audience recordings in combination with Lestat’s normal process.

We’re willing to process other people's audience recordings with the "Magic Bullet" but please understand that finding the optimal settings is still somewhat labor-intensive and that it’s a real-time process. In other words, a two-hour recording takes two hours of wall clock time to process. We can't do it for free. We don't have a fee schedule yet we're willing to provide quotes based on the audio quality of samples provided to us.

If you would like to submit a sample of your recording for processing, contact Balrog at

The Magic Bullet recordings currently in circulation are listed here. The first link is the high-resolution version. The second link is the CD-R burning version. These are links to Dime-a-Dozen so you will have to log in to download them.

Electric Light Orchestra 1978-09-27 Boston Garden

Boston 1978-11-06 Boston Garden


More are coming, including The Kinks from 1978, Phil Collins from 1985, and fresh transfers of many of the previous BLG projects.
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