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Your System Notes Organized, Edited, and Formatted

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I offer professional quality organizing, editing, and formatting of your system notes. I'm a retired software technical writer with 32 years of experience so I'm pretty good at this.

I can work with virtually any intelligible source materials, machine-readable or paper, but English only please. I can deliver your notes in Microsoft® Word, PDF, or HTML.

I will produce one free sample page for your evaluation. If not satisfied you owe me nothing. Otherwise, I will quote you a flat rate that depends on the quantity and quality of the source material and your ability to communicate clearly. The flat rate includes two review cycles: first draft, second draft, and final version. I can't offer an hourly rate because I've seen source material that's so unintelligible and incomplete that it's virtually impossible to work with.

Your system notes are 100% confidential. No one will ever get your notes from me unless you explicitly authorize it. With respect to intellectual property rights you and only you own the files. When your notes are finished, I'll encrypt the files and store them offline or, if you prefer, I'll shred the files thoroughly (delete them and overwrite the storage multiple times).

See my Precision System Notes for examples.

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