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Simple Sites 100% Free - For Now
Tell me your requirements and a bit about why you're in need of a free site. This is a temporary offering so don't delay.

Construction Charges

Most small website companies charge at least $1000 up front, along with a monthly maintenance fee. This may or may not inlcude site hosting and domain registration. Big website companies charge $20,000 or more. I will charge roughly $500 to $1000 up front for a simple site. For now, I'm willing to build a site for as little as $250 just to build up a clientele. The cost is based on your requirements.

Maintenance Charges
My maintenance charges are based on hours worked rather than a monthly rate. The hourly rate depends on the complexity of the work required. Small, infrequent maintenance tasks (1-5 minutes) are free. I don't like companies that gouge you for changing a few words. If you need little or no maintenance, you pay nothing.

Site Ownership

Should you decide to take over maintaining your site, or if you wish to have someone else maintain it, the project and source files are yours.

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