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Choosing a Web Developer


There are many website development services to choose from. Some are absurdly expensive in light of what you actually get. This is a legacy from the era when sophisticated sites required extensive hand-coding. If you don't need that, don't pay for it. 

Consider the following questions:

  • What do you think of their own website? (If they don't have one, keep looking.)

  • Does their site contain spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors?

  • Do they provide links to reference sites?

  • Do they go over your requirements in detail before giving you a price?
  • Do they require a long-term commitment?
  • Do they provide inexpensive site maintenance?

  • Do they give you ownership of the source files for your entire website?

If a service fails on any of these questions, don't waste your time with them. Email me or give me a call so we can go over your requirements.

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