Testing - Dell XPS-15 L521X

Dell XPS-15 L521X
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The XPS-15Zs I sell are thoroughly tested. I make sure that the hardware is problem-free and the software configuration is done to my standards. Some of the steps are:

  • Run the built-in self-diagnostics to ensure that all hardware components are functioning properly.
  • Flash the BIOS to the newest version available.
  • Test the battery and replace it if necessary. I replace any battery that has less than 80% of its original capacity with a brand-new, premium-quality battery.
  • Do a thorough inspection and cleaning inside and outside.
  • Replace the palmrest and any missing feet or screws.
  • Read the Windows license code from the BIOS and store it on the desktop.
  • Run Windows Update.
  • Replace outdated device drivers, including the card reader driver.
  • Run PCMARK 8 Advanced Edition to make sure everything functions properly and that benchmark results meet expectations.
  • Run PassMark BurnInTest Professional to make sure everything functions properly under extreme load and that there's no overheating.
  • Create a detailed system report on the desktop.
  • Create user accounts and delete testing accounts.
  • Install a few free application programs that I consider essential.
  • Install a few trial versions of application programs that I consider essential.
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